There were times when windows were only added to the walls.  They not just gave the nice exterior vision but also added the light and temperature control features to the interiors as well. Gradually the population started increasing and the constructions in any area started to increase in number, the people started feeling deprived of the natural light and heat control. This gave them the idea of adding an opening comprising of glass or plastic into the roof. The incorporation of these openings was really a fruitful thing. These window-like openings in the roof ranging in different shapes and sizes were referred to as the skylights. Skylight installation in Sydney is a tedious job. It is really something that requires an expert’s help. In order to ensure that there is no leakage of water etc, it is important to carry out the skylight installation in a very careful and step by step procedure.  

Installation of the skylights is not just cutting out a piece from the roof and fill it with an additional surface but it means actually much more than this. It includes planning, mapping, choosing the right material, placing it in the right way and then sealing the joints to ensure that no additional moisture comes from the joints or escape from the roof. 

Some key steps in creating the right skylight are as follows 

  • Think carefully about the right location of the skylight. Once you are confirming that which part of the roof has to be replaced with the skylight find the middle point. The determination of the central point helps in cutting out the appropriate size of the patch from the roof not wasting the time and the money both the central point of the skylight has to be placed from the inside. Take equal distances from the central point depending on the shape. Mark the areas from where you need to cut. Use a circular saw to cut out the frame uniformly. It is very important to keep the roof secure while cutting. You can easily use the supports so that no harm is caused while cutting out the frame. 
  • After completing the cutting of the roof panel according to the size of the skylight, the next step is even more technical. Measure a distance of 3 inches from the edges of the openings in the roof created after cutting out the required area. Once it is measured and marked from all sides making sure that it is slightly cut with the help of the utility knife. Place the skylight in the perfect position. The central point of the skylight as determined prior to the placement must match one of the openings made in the roof.  Fix the skylight firmly with the screws and the nuts. 
  • Use the roofing paper that is 8 inches wide and then place it close to the shingles. Add the pieces one by one starting with the bottom followed by the sides an then finally over the top. The up roof and the down roof must overlap each other properly. This guarantees that no water leaks. Carefully remove the paper from under the shingles. Remove the nails with the help of the pry bar in such a way that the shingles remain safe.  
  • Secure the joints to ensure that there is no water dripping or leakage during the rainy season. skylights-install