Keyhole surgery is also known as minor surgery. Keyhole surgery carried out through small incisions along with special instruments. Surgeon uses laparoscope to avoid large incisions during operation. Keyhole surgery also known as laparoscopy. This surgical method actually used to get the access of inner body parts because this minor surgery method can eliminate the chances of open or major surgery. Laparoscopy used to get an access of abdomen in order to resolve the patient issue it could be appendix pain. Laparoscopy also used to access the pelvic organs of female. There are several types of keyhole surgeries. Thoracoscopy is also a type of key hole surgery. Thoracocopy surgery used when surgeons need to do a throat surgery. The major instrument of keyhole surgery is a thin telescope that contains a small light along with the camera and that telescope can be entered into the human body through a small incision that gives a clear inside picture or view of human body. This telescope can be used to diagnose the different diseases or it can be used for different minor operates. Keyhole surgery can be used to remove different damaged organs from human body. Keyhole surgery is the advance method of surgery that helps to avoid the major or open surgeries. Patient can easily be recovered after the keyhole surgery because this surgery does not require a long recovery time. This least painful method of surgery and its quiet less scary then the open surgeries. There are no high bleeding chances in keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery is quiet safer than the open surgeries but this type of surgery has its own complications. Further, keyhole surgery method is very inexpensive as compare to open surgeries that requires a lot of money.

Pros of keyhole surgery:

Laparoscopic or keyhole surgery Gold Coast has number of benefits. Large incisions can be avoided in the keyhole surgery. Keyhole surgery causes the less pain then open surgeries and patient can be recover speedily or quickly. Patient does not need to stay longer in hospitals. Patient may go home right after one or maximum two days of surgery. Even, keyhole surgery is quiet convenient for surgeons as compare to open surgeries.

Cons of keyhole: 

Every surgery has its own pros and cons. People think that keyhole surgery is quite simple then open surgery yes, it is but keyhole surgery has its own complications. Surgeons have to target directly the diseased and damaged organ. This surgery gets more complicated when surgeons have to remove the organ.


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