A successful person is the one who works with full commitment and dignity. Because if a person has these traits then not only that person would be considered as a respectful citizen but also he would put a very positive impact on others and also the ones around him. In order for an individual to become a successful person it is important that you maintain a balance in your life. Well the question can come in the mind of the readers that what type or kind of balance. Well the answer is the balance between your work life and your responsibilities and duties.

A lot of people in today’s world gives full commitment in their work life and gives their hundred percent while working but unfortunately they do not bother to lend a hand in their society’s welfare work and does not participate in the betterment of their society. As a result they do not impact a positive image towards their fellow citizens. Although they might be very respectable in their office or work area but they would not be considered as a respectable citizen because they are not fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. The thinking and perception of today’s current generation is quite unique as they think that all the social work and other type of work around their city and country is the responsibilities of the government and its employees. They think that by paying taxes they are fulfilling their commitments to the society but this is not right. Because there are so many other responsibilities involved too in being a good citizen.

Although many people might disagree with the statement stated above but that is the reality of today’s world. In order for us to become a successful citizen we have to take good care of our society too and follow all the rules and regulations made by the relevant authorities. We see in today’s world there are lot of skilled workers that are working in different fields and all of them work with full commitment and devotion. Out of all these skills and work types there is this one which we call as working at heights. This is something which can be only done by the brave people because working at heights is not an easy task because we all know that how dangerous it is and what are its hazards but still we see so many people working because if these people would stop working we would not be seeing any huge skyscrapers and tall buildings but thankfully due to these workers we have so many huge constructions and taller buildings.

Well although these people are gone through special training called as confined space training Brisbane still this is and would never be an easy task because of the height they work on. It is without any doubt an example for all the people who does not love their work or its environment to see these people working on heights because they love to and it’s their passion.