In human body every part is important you cannot say that this part is important and this is not. However Brain and heart is the stand alone organ of a human body which are controlling all the body rest all organ are specific to the specify parts of the human body like for an example if a hand finger damages so it won’t effects on to your feet finger similarly if your left eye get hurt so your right eye will still be able work properly and so on but just in case that your heart or your brain stop working so it immediately effects on complete body and a human get died with in matters of minutes. This is why brain and heart said to be the most important human body organ. Now let us discuss that why I said in the beginning that every human body part and organ is important so every body part and every bone is important because every of the ones loves to spend a healthy life without any difficulty or without been a burden to any of the one.

In an addition, now a part from heart and brain the next most important thing in a human body are bones. Yes bones form a skeleton of a human structure on which all the organs are placed accordingly. So when a bone got broken than the following part of the body cannot be used and it start paining a lot and it needed to be fixed in the same way it was because a minor mistake would leads to the major or savior problems and complication for the rest of life this is why an orthopedic surgeon holds the more importance than the other specialist doctors, well again I must say that every doctor has its own worth and importance but when it comes to comparison then it has to be defined accordingly. So a trusted orthopaedic surgeon has further categorized and have the specialty related to different part of human body like for knee related issues an orthopedic surgeon who is specialized in knee which is called as specialist knee surgeon would deal and similarly for abdominal and hip there is another specialty of an orthopedic surgeon which deals in anterior hip replacement or hip replacement specialist.

Moreover, in short in the field of an orthopedic surgeon there are two major sub field as for specialization one is known as specialist knee surgeon and other is anterior hip replacement an orthopedic surgeon or hip replacement specialist. Now the process for becoming any of the one specialist like specialist knee surgeon and anterior hip replacement surgeon or hip replacement specialist is that firstly you have to learn the medical college and get done the bachelors of medical science which has to be done by every doctor of any field than there is further studies for specific field like for bones study you must have to learn about orthopaedic and then after it you have to make a specialization in specific field like specialist knee surgeon and anterior hip replacement surgeon or hip replacement specialist.

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