Professional home decorators know exactly what goes well with your new house and the strengths. They are also quite aware on how to hide the flaws as well if there are any inside your house and they will make it look appealing in a way that no one else can find the flaws. However, there are many ways to actually decorate your ideal house renovations and add your personal touches. Since your house has to represent you and your lifestyle. There are many ways you can decorate your house without breaking the bank and below tips will help you out.

Set a good tone at the front door.

Once the builders have done their work its your time to make sure everything matches perfectly inside your home and even outside. If you want the first impression of your house to be the best impression, you have to make sure that you pick a good door to the front door. To make it look appealing you can go for glossy or a fun door. Since in many cultures “red doors” are supposed to be lucky since it simply means “Welcome”. You also can play with either orange or even yellow since both the colors stands for Joy and warmth.

Keeps the wall colors natural

Most of the new home builder Warrnambool will prefer leaving the wall colors just as it is. Since it gives a nice look to the entire place and make it look spacious as well. Make sure you stick to colors like grey. When it comes to the first floor of your house, it’s always best to go with the flow. Since these neutral colored walls will allow you to decorate the walls the way you want it and give a flexibility as well. You can also color the smaller rooms in neutral colors to make it look bigger.

Think about the furniture planning

You have to make sure that the sofas are placed correctly in your living area. So you have to make sure that you place it either in a U shaped way or a H shaped. Since some people do push the furniture all the way to the wall thinking that it will give more space but in reality It won’t. So make sure you plan the seating very well. So the floating furniture’s that are placed away from the walls will make the place look much more spacious.